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This day care centre was set up in 2011 in Delhi, at the New Friends Colony premises of Leonard Cheshire Disability. The aim was to empower special needs underprivileged children to become independent and live with more dignity.


Children were provided with daily to and fro private transportation with qualified staff from home to centre.

Children were provided with nutritious meals and snacks daily and were taught the merits of hygiene and cleanliness


Disabilities ranged from multiple sclerosis to mute to autism.  Children were suitably grouped and educated and were looked after by full time special needs teachers and dedicated staff. The centre had regular visits by physiotherapist, dance teacher, arts and craft teacher and were imparted with vocational training.

The training and education imparted at this centre enabled children to participate and win awards in art and dance competitions. The holistic program at the centre facilitated children to be happier, more independent and confident individuals.


The program started with 10 children and the strength grew to 90 children of varying ages and disabilities. More than 300 children had accessed this facility since 2011. The centre ran from 2011 till 2017 and many children were absorbed by mainstream schools and others moved on to bigger programs.


Maheshwari Foundation is grateful to Leonard Cheshire Disability, New Delhi for helping us in hosting and running this centre at its premises.

  • Education

  • Empowerment

  • Inclusive


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