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Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi, has devoted his life to ensure each child has a safe place to live, safe food to eat and a place to study. 

The KSCF believes in 3Ps: Policy, Practice and People. They believe that children have the right to live freely, work safely and be healthy. It is their fundamental right to live with dignity. 

At Maheshwari Foundation, we want to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and empower them to live independently.  We collaborated with the KSCF to bring awareness in the UAE.


Synergy Capital and Maheshwari Foundation hosted Mr Kailash Satyarthi for 3 days. With 6 events throughout those 3 days, we had over 3000 participants (students, teachers, entrepreneurs and corporates) inspired by his work and initiatives, pledging to ensure child slavery is abolished globally. 

  • Compassion

  • Street to School

  • Child Safety


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