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We found a gap in education between the 2 years to 6 years old underprivileged children. This gap made it challenging for children to enter mainstream schools.



Two villages in Howrah – Gondalpara and Katliya – were identified, and in each village a pre school was set up in 2008.  The aim was to initiate and help focus the little ones towards broad-based education.

Our children learn poetry, singing, art and sketching. They watch national geography, dance and explore puzzle solving. They learn reading and writing in Bengali and English and are taught numerical abilities. They develop social skills and some of them have been absorbed in mainstream English medium private schools.

Our children are provided with nutritious meals and snacks daily and are taught the merits of hygiene and cleanliness.


From these two schools in Howrah, approximately 60 children benefit annually from this facility. Since 2008, approximately 500 children have accessed this facility.

  • Hollistic Education 

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Personal Hygiene


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