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Food Packets Distributed to 3,400 Families, Good for nearly 500,000 Meals

Maheshwari Foundation is pleased to have pledged Indian Rupees 50 lakhs or US $67,000 for the relief effort for those who need it with specific target group of daily wage earners and migrant workers to support them in their day to day fight against the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.


The pledge is being used to support those who have been drastically affected in their day to day lives by the coronavirus pandemic and will be used to aid them to get through these tough times. 


As part of this, the Foundation has already provided over 3,400 dry food packets in Howrah and Kolkata, Mumbai, Ajmer and Beawar in collaboration with 


  • Lions Club of Howrah and 

  • Future Hope UK and Kolkata

  • Jagriti Foundation, Jaipur


The food packets met the needs of 3,400 families of a size of five for 15 days and comprised of nearly 15 kgs of grain, spices and other provisions each. 


The Foundation remains on standby to support and help those people and places that may be overlooked by larger charitable organizations and international government aids. 


The relief work was carried out with full precautions in our social work. We hope that our small contribution has gone a long way in helping those who needed it the most. 

As part of our efforts to help, our Trustee and Founder of

Life A Spiritual Gym, Sangeeta Maheshwari, has also done a 21 days video series of ‘Inner Growth during Covid19. Please visit Life A Spiritual Gym for more information.


We thank all the millions of heroes who are supporting constructively and selflessly to deal with the Covid 19 relief efforts.  


-Maheshwari Foundation

“Giving is Living…Living is Giving”


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