The Deo Kumar Maheshwari Scholarship for Social Work

Maheshwari Foundation is proud to announce The Deo Kumar Maheshwari Scholarship for Studies in Social Work.


The scholarship is being commissioned in memory of Late Deo Kumar Maheshwari, Founding trustee of Maheshwari Foundation in India. The Foundation is seeking to award scholarships to ten deserving candidates.


Giving back to society is an integral aspect of our lives. Many people live below the poverty line and do not have a roof over their heads with no clean water to drink. At Maheshwari Foundation, our philosophy is to contribute to improving the living conditions for our communities. 


Mr DK Maheshwari committed over 50 years of his life to Lions Hospital in Howrah, where he set up and managed two hospitals with 40 beds capacity each in Howrah Maidan and Uluberia, West Bengal. He also led the Maheshwari School for All in Howrah where he looked after the well-being and education of over 500 children since 2008. 


In 2018, he led the Foundation’s project to build a much-needed state-of-the-art Blood Bank and Thalassemia Clinic in Howrah which is due to be made operational soon this year.


To continue his legacy, we are proud to announce this scholarship, so that his hard work and dedication to giving back to society can be passed on to the generations to come. 

Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarship is intended to support deserving candidates who wish to pursue studies in Social Work at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. This scholarship is open to students all over India and will be selected through an application process. The scholarship is meant to meet the tuition fees of those students who will be accepted by the trustees after due consideration to their application. Any interested candidate may write to with their background and plans along with an explanation of why they believe their case to be deserving. A copy of the CV and a college admission letter is mandatory. Already admitted students also qualify to apply. 

10th February 2020