Philosophy of the Foundation 

At Maheshwari Foundation, we are aiming to make our society better through contribution towards the goal of Zero illiteracy and Zero hunger.

Empowerment is the overarching theme and enabler to undertake projects that promotes these objectives. While it is impossible for even an organisation like the United Nations to procure perfect conditions in the above spheres worldwide, we do believe that every initiative can help progress achievement of such critical objectives. No help is small or big, and we believe it is not only the responsibility of multilateral agencies or large corporates or communities to improve living conditions across the world but of every individual. We believe that just as drops of water create the ocean, every initiative towards achieving these objectives is significant. Every individual can make a contribution and it is incumbent upon each one of us who enjoy the licence to live in this world to make our own little contribution.

In 2004, the founder trustees deliberated about Giving and who should ‘give’. We concluded that ‘Giving is Living’ and ‘Living is Giving’.


Generosity should not be a one-time or a sporadic act. It’s got to be a part of everyday life. Giving does not have to be only in terms of money. It is equally important that generosity is about conduct, thoughts and sentiments. We live in a world of limited resources and unlimited demands and aspirations of a burgeoning world population. Each individual can certainly make an impact at any scale and collectively it will make this a happier world. We also believe that giving is synonymous with empowering the underprivileged with the right tools of holistic education, well balanced meals with awareness of their wellbeing and finding their talent that will enable them to find their rightful place in the society.

It is with this intention that Maheshwari Foundation has come about to exist and has been making its own contribution since 2008 when the first project in Howrah, India was undertaken.