Why zero?

Zero is probably the most profound word ever coined. It has so many dimensions that it is almost impossible to comprehend its importance and usefulness in the evolution of mankind. Zero fulfils a central role in mathematics. It has a position of influence in Science, including Computer Science. Zero’s origin is far and wide and one can trace its association from Egypt to Mesopotamia, from India to China, from the Islamic world to the Greeks and Romans and from medieval Europe to America’s. The word zero came from different words in different customs or countries; each one of them meaning ‘empty’ or ‘nothing’.

In the modern era, zero has started being used in a very different context. Some examples are ‘zero’ harm, ‘zero’ tolerance, ‘journey to zero’ etc.


At Maheshwari Foundation, we are aiming to make our contribution towards:

Zero illiteracy 
Zero hunger

Zero deprivation